Udta Punjab Premier Show Review, Live Updates From USA, UAE

Udta Punjab Premier Show Review And Live Updates Check Here: Udta Punjab is an different attempt done by Shahid Kapoor. Its a crime thriller film directed by Abishek Chaubey, The film mainly concentrate Drug Abuse in Punjab and to educate the Youth Of India to eradicate drugs mafia.

From the past few weeks, the film made into headlines with it’s censor issues. and In addition to that, the film pirated Version got leaked on Internet. Which is shocked the whole B-Town. And finally the film releasing with clearing all issues on June 17th. And the first premier show will be held on UAE.  Kareena Kapoor and Alia Bhatt Played an female lead roles opposite to Shahid Kapoor. The Udta Punjab Advance Bookings have started a week before and the tickets are filled fast and will see houseful boards appeared on first day

Udta Punjab Premier Show Review, Live Updates From USA, UAE:

We all know that, the film is based up on the drugs issue in Punjab. It tells about the actual truth what’s happening in Punjab State. Shahid Kapoor played as Rockstar Tommy Singh, where as Kareena Kapoor as Doctor and Alia Bhatt as a migrant Laborer as well as hockey player.  The Udta Punjab Box Office Collection expected to collect above 100*cr which is the biggest in Shahid’s career

The film packed with Powerful Performances with crispy dialogues. Directors taking is one of the main asset to the film and where as the Cinematographer has excellently picturized every frame without loop.The first half of the film is revolves around the how youth are spoiled by consuming drugs and the second half will tells the youth to eradicate Total Drugs in Punjab. For this, Tommy Singh (Shahid Kapoor) As a Rockstar Educate the youth with his stage performances. The writers have done an excellent job in enmeshing all key points of a great film.

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Udta Punjab Premier Show Review, Live Updates From USA, UAE

Udta Punjab Premier Show Review and Rating:

In the film, Tommy Singh is a drug addict and slowly loses his passion in singing. his Young Brother Sartaj’s is also a Drug addict and he was bought to Kareena’s clinic who is physician and she has done treatment to him and soon all they wanted to eradicate drugs issue. Alia Bhatt will be seen as A Village Girl who escape from the kidnappers. Tommy Singh saw and protect her from the kidnappers. Later the story turns with mind-blowing twists. Will all they eradicate drugs in punjab..?? or not..?? will have to see the film on main screen itself.

Alia Bhatt and Kapoor Khan performances seems like A Real Act and its one of the mesmerized performances done by both.  The film challenged the censor board for it’s proposed cuts and finally getting positive reports from the Premier shows.

Where as Kapoor Khan, who plays as a doctor wants to eradicate the drug consumption in Punjab gives natural performance and make the Udta Punjab soar high. Shahid Kapoor a fading rockstar who on a crusade to end the drug menace eating away at the Youth of Punjab has done splendid Job with his Power Pocked performance will surely steal the show.

Updated: June 16, 2016 — 9:22 pm

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