OU Degree B.Sc, B.com, BA Revaluation Results 2016, UG 1st/2nd/3rd Year OU Recounting Result 2016 Date

OU Degree B.Sc, B.com, BA Revaluation Results 2016: Osmania University, established in 1918, is the seventh oldest in India, the third oldest in south India and the first to be established in the erstwhile princely state of Hyderabad. Throughout its existence of over eight decades, it has shown remarkable progress and sustained an integrated development of all faculties. It has significantly contributed to the academic and economic development of not only the region but also of the Country.

Its alumni have distinguished themselves nationally and internationally in various spheres of life and are spread far and wide around the world.Osmania University (OU),is a public university and one of the prestigious and oldest modern universities in India. With over 3 lakhs students in its various affiliated campuses & colleges, the Osmania University is one of the largest university systems in the subcontinent.

The university is and especially well known & renowned for its technical education ie., Technology and Engineering Departments in addition to its faculty for management, which is regarded as one of the best management institutions.

OU Degree Revaluation Results 2016 Date:

The OU Degree Revaluation results will be declaring shortly in their official website. For those who are eagerly waiting for the results, still you can wait for sometime to get results. because, as per our info the ou degree revaluation results are delaying. So Students we are advising not to worry about your Results, and study for Supplementary exam which are conducting in the month of Sept/Oct. Don’t keep hope on this results, if you are passed, it will be happy but if you failed don’t worry. There is another chance to make out with Supplementary exam. So, you have to wait little more time for declaration of the Osmania University UG revaluation results 2016 and OU PG revaluation results 2016. The Direct links will be updated as soon as they declared…You can get your results via fb login and check our Indiacheck Page to know about result info..

OU Degree B.Sc, B.com, BA Annual Revaluation Results 2016, Osmania University B. Com Revaluation Results 2016 and Osmania University B.Sc Revaluation Results 2016 available now. OU BA BSc BCom Revaluation Results 2016 check from here

Now the Osmania University is released the OU Degree Revaluation Results 2016 through online on it’s official website www.osmania.ac.in. Today on August 4th. OU has declared BA B.Com B.Sc Revaluation results 2016 online. All the students can check their BA/Bsc/Bcom September exam Result.

How To check OU Degree Revaluation Results 2016 Online: 

  • Firstly, log on to the Osmania University Official Website
  • Check the Results Column of the website
  • Click on the OU degree Revaluation results link
  • Now A new PDF file is open and there you can check your results by Hall Ticket Wise

 Click Here To Chek OU Degree UG Revaluation Results 2016 

Osmania University Degree UG B.Sc, B.com, B2016.A Revaluation Results 2016:

 The Osmania University in Hyderabad is one of the great university in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The Osmania University (OU) provides Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) Degree courses for the students. The Osmania University will be published the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Semester Exam Results May June 2016 for BA BSC BCA B.Com Gen Vocational Hons B.Ed BCTCA BSW BE B.Tech B.Pharmacy M.Sc M.Com M.A. B.LiSc MCJ MBA MSW very soon. Students can find your degree results on the official website www.osmania.ac.in.

Important note : Many Students are Confusing with OU Degree Revaluation Results pattern list. Here we are giving appropriate information regarding the Results list. Kindly note it that those who are not listed hall ticket number in the PDF file, that means they’re not passed or increased marks in the Subject. To your kind info, only passed or Marks Increased candidates are only mentioned in the list…!

Updated: September 10, 2016 — 12:44 pm


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  1. Thanks for the information

    1. Hi I want my revaluation results plz tel me information.

  2. hey unable to find my hall.no. in the list. what is to be done

    1. Then you’re not passed yet all… try next time in supply examination…

  3. There is no pass or fail written anywhere on that result list. How I’ll understand dat I’m pass or fail. Plz rply quick. 🙂

    1. if your number is found in the list then you’ve passed and if not found you’re failed bro and the memos will be sent to your college with in one month…

      1. my ht no is there in the pdf but dint mentioned completed what the result will bepass or fail

      2. no memos got till now

  4. I am already passed but their is no number in the list

    1. if your marks increase,, then your number will be in list otherwise there is no change in your marks..

  5. i kept revaluvation for 2 subjets and i found 1 sub in the list wt abt my anthor sub result.

    1. That Means You’re Failed bro..

      1. I keep it revaluation fr 2 subt’s I found 2 subt’s in the list . wt about my result’s

  6. I paid the fee in e-seva and then I didn’t given the slip to my college so because of this my name isn’t showing or else I’ve failed..

    1. Check Your Hall Ticket No in the list.. if it is not there you’ve failed bro…

  7. I hve applied fr two subjects in revalutn. I found 1 subject in the list that means I passed or only marks increase. An what abt other subject that nt in list.

    1. That means you’ve passed only 1 subject bro the remaining subject is failed…

  8. Plzzz gve me rply regarding my doubht…..

  9. For some people it is like completed by side of hall ticket number. So please say that did I passed out or not??

    1. Can you Give your Hall Ticket No.. Let me see whether You’re Passed or not…

      1. 105914468038 sir plz check my results

  10. How do I know the marks I’ve got??

    1. The marks memo will be sent to clg soon…

  11. i found my hall ticket number in the list but for some people it is like completed beside hall ticket number can u tell about that

    1. If you found your hallticket which mentioned in that list then you’ve passed the subject so don’t worry…

  12. sir i applied for two subjects.. and here showing only one subject name so it means i passed in 1 subject right sir

    1. Ha bro.. you’ve passed only 1 subject…

      1. Sir I did not find my number 108111467003 can you please check and tell me please

    2. BCOM 1180-14-402047 ——— FUNDAMENTALS OF C
      like dis showing
      please give me the answer

      1. Congrats!! you’ve passed.. 🙂

  13. sir i applied for two subjects.. and here like this showing BCOM 1180-14-402047 ——— FUNDAMENTALS OF C so please tell me sir what i get

    1. You’ve Passed only one subject (Fundamentals of C) bro.. by the way they will not list the failed subjects…

  14. Hello sir i have applied for 1subject taxation iam unable to check so plz tell me sir what i get

    1. Bcom-122413402010

      1. That means you’re failed or not increased the marks for the subject…

  15. so iam passed in funadamental of c right

  16. what happen sir please tell me iam passed in fundamental of c language
    or not

    1. Yes you’ve passed bro.. don’t worry

  17. sir i applied for 2 subjectd it is showing like this 118913111004————economics2 and another subject 118913111004———— political science 2 what this means am i passed r not

    1. yes you’ve passed the both the subjects.. 🙂

  18. Can you send me any link to check my revaluation result. Am enable to check.. Please tell me the website or else

  19. sir my hall ticket no129314984076 iam applied recounting iam pass or fail

  20. sorry hall ticket 129314684076 iam applied recounting pass or fail

    1. check your hall ticket no on the list and if it’s there you’re pass and not you’re failed bro…

  21. iam sure pass that subject but no number in list what can i do

  22. Sri tell me whether I pass or fail in business economics htno 201214402024

  23. Sir repaly fast please

    1. Have you checked your hall ticket no in the list..? if not found then you’re failed..

  24. It is not clear to understand the list

  25. Tell me sir whether I passed or fail

    In b economic please reply fast sir

  26. OK! wait bro.. let me check…

  27. Sir please check my number 108111467003

    1. sorry your number is not there in list so. you have failed.

  28. sir applied for two subjects (fundamental of c) and (business economic) …. so here in this list showing only fundamental of c so what its mean and another subject name is not showing business economic… so please make sure me in which subject i passed or in which subject iam not passed.. sir reply with passed subject name

    1. mr.syedzabiuddin you have passed in fundamental c and other subject you have failed.

  29. what happen sir please tell

  30. sir…..How can I know I have passed or fail but I found halltick number in list….please sir advice me……..humble request….jazak Allah

    1. if you found your number in list then you have passed and for marks ou will send memos to your college their you can check…

  31. hahah afreen u have to wait 3,4 days then they will say u
    they dont have feelings

  32. Sir I did not find my number 127413402012 can you please check and tell me please

  33. please check and say.passed or fail

    1. Sorry if you number is not there in list then you failed

  34. Thanks @ india chek, fr clearing my doubht …

  35. sir myn hall tckt num 105914468038..plz check my results

    1. your number is not there in list so. you have failed.

  36. sir this my hallticket number 1180-14-402047 and i appllied for two subjects please tell me sir fast in which subject i passed or not passed
    reply very soon sir please

  37. sir ds z my halltkt no.1272-14-402101 please check my result

  38. sir dz z my haltkt no.1272-14-402101

  39. Good morning sir. My hall ticket number is 105314401267.i have been finding result but can’t find it. My subjects are (b.o.m and f.a) please reply sir

    1. congrats you have passed in F.A and but not in B.o.m and for marks ou will send memos to your college you check there…

  40. Are you replying sir

  41. Sir I mean how much time it will take that’s it

    1. Your comment is awaiting moderation means

  42. syed zeeshan ahmed

    the PDF list show my hallticket number and there is part 1or 2completed cost and management or completed management accounts what it means

  43. syed zeeshan ahmed

    if I pass in this two subjects then I want to know what about business law Bcoz I was applied for 3subjects sir plzz check and tell me 121112401111 this is my hallticket number

    1. Friend if you found your new and there you can see your subject which are passed and if they displayed two subjects subject then you have passed in two subject and other is failed

  44. syed zeeshan ahmed

    sir plzz reply soon its humble request sir

  45. Sir my name is there in the list. but whats the difference between completed and blank given in the result. please reply.

    1. Completed in the case it is displayed for the Final year students who are completed there both 1st and 2nd yr papers and applied for revaluation is also completed
      Blank in the sense you are you are of second year or 1st yr student applied for revaluation and passed.

  46. University has published the OU Degree 1st 2nd 3rd Year Results 2015 on August 4th 2015. Now candidates who had applied for OU Degree Annual exam March 2015 revaluation, recounting or reverification they can check the Osmania University Degree Revaluation Recounting Results 2015 from the link below to this page.

  47. sir can a 3 rd year failed student can write supplementary in oct /nov

    and 1 more doubt ,sir my friends completed all 1 and 2 year but it does not shows as part 1 &2 completed after hall ticket number ,and i can see it on my number means i completed my bsc??? actually i has 2 backlog but it shows only one subject??????????????????????????

  48. First of All In ou you cannot write Supply. after third year ou will conduct exams in oct/nov for first and second years only.
    if you friends completed 1st and 2nd year and applied for revaluation and passed in revaluation then only you can see it as completed …
    if one subject is showing in the list and even though you have applied for two subjects then you have failed in subject which is not listed in the Revaluation results

    note : ou will conduct supply for the students who passed all 1st yr and 2nd yr papers and failed in any one paper of third year papers

  49. Sir my roll no is 117614402115plz check my result

  50. Sir plz say soon plz………….

  51. my roll no is not there so what it mean my roll no is 2033124101087 plzzz sent the reply it.

    1. Sir plz say soon plz………….

    2. it means there is no increase in your marks……

  52. 125212402022 plzzzz do chk n tell me

    1. sorry there no increase in your marks…

  53. How Mach time update marks in previous marks add

    1. with in the supple exam dates …… and memo will send to your college collect from there….

  54. sir my hollticket no not showing 113314402039 plz check

  55. sir i apply for B. E and BOM for revaluation tell me weather i pass or fail ….hollticket no 113314402039 plz send me fast ….

  56. Sir, my no 124709401102 b com i m not understanding i hv passed or fail.

  57. I got 18 before and after revaluation i found my hall ticket number in pdf list so what does it mean??

  58. Sir my sister no. 2031_12_467025 but did no. In list please check the result

    1. Boss If Number is not there means it means no increase in marks (i.e Fail)..

  59. sir I have kept revaluation for 2 subjects and in the result it showing only one subject beside that part 1,2 completed what does it mean??

    1. One is there in the list means you have passed in that subject which is displayed in the list
      and part 1 and part 2 complete will be displayed for the students who have passed 1st and 2nd years all papers and applied for the revaluation and passed .

  60. Sir,my number appears in the list.. but it does not say that i have completed unlike others. and i understand that if ur roll appears inthe list then urmarks have changed. there is confusion whether the marks are pass or fail?

    1. Congrats…!! If your number is there in list it means you have passed the subject(for marks collect memo from your college ) and part I and part II complete will be appear for 3rd year students who are applied for reevaluation and passed

  61. sir i have appiled revaluation for 2 subjects in the result its showing only one saying that part 1, 2 completed what that means??

    1. Congrats…!! If your number is there in list it means you have passed the subject for marks collect memo from your college and part I and part II complete will be appear for 3rd year students who are applied for revaluation and passed (who clears all papers of 1st and 2nd yr)

  62. and also what does part 1,2 completed mean? kindly reply. thank you

  63. Actually i was failed in 2 subjects.
    In revaluation results,i got passed in one subjects. But my hall ticket number is not showing in supplynentary exams fee list..

  64. Sir I need ou degree revaluations results 2016 when will get update new in Web site.

  65. Sir I want revaluation results date

  66. Sir B.com revaluation result 2016 PDF file kidar hai can you send me the link please……

  67. sir I fail in three subjects
    nennu kachithanga three subjects pass avutha sir , nennu clear ga rasanu sir
    my hall ticket no:209413467004

  68. sir nen challa correct ga rasanu sir
    asal namaleka pothuna fail iena ante plzzzzzzz pass me sir
    my hallticket no:209413467004

  69. sir Iu naeed revaluation results

  70. Sir in degree final year i failed in 1 sub but i got good rank in icet. what i do sir for counciling?plz suggest me sir

  71. sir oupgcet lo good rank sir plzzzz sir paas meeee sir plzzzzz

  72. When will the ou degree recertification results will be announced of 2016-2017

  73. sir when is this year revalution result is going to come.i m eagarly waiting for reslut

  74. Thanks for the information sir but I fail in 1 subject for 5 marks please check my result I hope I will pass and I Wright exam much better excellent I don’t no how sho

    I fail that subject business law

  75. when is revaluation result is going to realse of bsc sir plz let us know.

  76. Sir when is revaluation results 2016

  77. Sir when is revaluation results

  78. Sir When is revaluation result plz let us know

  79. Sir when is degree revaluation result 2016 plz let us know

  80. Hi frnds ou degree revaluation result 2016 date is confirm 5 /August/ 2016 at 4.30pm

  81. sir my result is showing like this
    1207-14-402011 ——— ADVANCED ACCOUNTING

    1207-14-402011 ———TAXATION

    can i know what that means

  82. My ht no is 1051-15-467-053 plzz check sir I am pass r nt

  83. sir I dint getting my result could u help me plz my Hall ticket num is 111014405037

  84. Sir can u plz sy me whthr im passed or nt in chem paper 3 bcz the hall tckt no. Is nt cmg clearly my hall tckt no. Is 107213471016 plz sir rply soon

  85. Whn u wil release reslts u dnt NW that we wil wait Fr reslts. U wil nt cndct any instant exms lke anther unvrstys plz gys nvr do stdy lke ths vrstys.Thy r da best vrstys NT lke the anthr vrstys . Cndcts exms n relse reslts soon i hte the shit ou shld hve sme min snc.al r egrly waitng relse it soon

  86. Try to conduct the instant exms Fr da upcoming year al wil B happy Fr this .plz chnge ur mndset

  87. ND pls do clear da students doubts. Othr vrstys membrs very good Fr clearng sch dbts so pls if any stdnts asks any dbts pls clear it immediately at a tme. Tnk you

  88. When is 2016 ou ug revaluation result sir plz do tell me

  89. when the revaluation results are released in official website?

  90. What is meant by part 1,2completed in ou degree revelation results

  91. Sir my nmbr 1059-13-467053 how would I know my results

  92. Iam failed Yarr can any body help me please pass me I will give money

  93. I shown in pdf my number is there but i dont know marks.. when will i know marks

    1. It will directly added to your memo..

  94. when will the revaluation marks come

  95. where can we find our changed marks

  96. My hallticket number 111113600023 please can u check ma result

  97. Hey!
    When will be the memos sent to the college

  98. Sir i get 21 Mark & 25 pass marks I failed two subjects can we cum that 4 marks when is the supply revaluation how can I get that information please as soon as Possible give me information

  99. Sir

    I have return supplimentary exam ihv’nt get pass marks so i have applied for revaluation when do i get results how can i know the results whether i passed or not and my hall ticket no is 9009-878 writtern from kasturba gandhi degree&pg college plz do needfull

  100. I pay the fees revolution …. But I Don’t Know About Result Date ….

  101. I have kept for revaluation in the month of Oct_nov result not found..

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