Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Movie Review, Rating & 1st Day Collections

Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Movie Review: “Do Lafzon Ki Kahani” is an Hindi film which literally means “A Story of Two Words”. Starring Kajal Aggarwal, Randeep Hooda in main roles. directed by Deepak Tijori. Produced by Jayantilal Gada, Dhiraj Shetty, Avinaash V Rai, Deepak tijori, Dhaal Jayantilal Gada. The Story penned by Girish Dhamija. Music and BGM was scored by Arjuna Harjai Ankit Tiwari, Amaal Malik and Babli Haque and finally Cinematography by Mohana Krishna.

Coming to the film, it is based up on the Blind girl who falls in love with Randeep Hooda who is martial arts fighter. The Picture is completely action entertainer with brooding love story. We can witness the Randeep Hooda never before in Action Sequences. As our report says, Randeep Hooda simply nails with his Power packed Performance. Kajal Aggarwal will be seen in prominent author backed role compared to her previous appearances in Bollywood. From the beginning onward, we only have seen Kajal aggarwal in glamorous roles and she changed now for a while and done completely performance oriented role.

The film story was officially based upon the 2011 Korean Movie which has already been remake into Kannada as a “Movie Boxer”. Apart from the Korean film, we have also seen this type of genre in many Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood films. Let’s see how Director will convince the audience with his taking..??

Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Movie Review, Rating & 1st Day Collections

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Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Movie Review:

The film has captured in wonderful locations to bring the feel and love in the film. It picturized Include Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, London, Singapore and other beautiful states in India. Presently, Randeep Hooda and Kajal aggarwal are busy in doing promotions. After a long time, Kajal aggarwal once again is ready to show the magic at the Box Office. Her beautiful eyes will make you freeze. the film has created a lot of buzz around in B-Town with it’s trailers and promo songs.

Interesting fact about the film, when the director adopted a seldom used shooting method called guerrilla while shooting in Malaysia, he wanted to capture the real essence and ambiance of the location. The Lip-lock scenes are the major highlight and gives feel to the film.

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Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Movie Review, Rating & 1st Day Collections: 

Presently the movie team was busy in promotions and all ready to release the film on June 10th at Box office. As the film is Completely romantic action entertainer which youth will easily connected to it. In addition to that, the film releasing on After IPL season which may increase the collections on first day. We can expect the total first day collection of Do Lafzon ki Kahani would be around 10*Cr. As it was a small film but it will do great business at the Box office due to the way the movie team did promotions.

Do lafzon Ki Kahani Movie Story Line:

The film is an romantic drama featuring Randeep Hooda and Kajal Aggarwal in main roles. It revolves around the Blind girl and Martial arts fighter who falls in love with her. The Lip Lock Between Randeep Hooda and Kajal Aggarwal has been mired in controversy. Some other stating that when Randeep Pulled her closer for smooch and others maintained that it was all in publicity stunt.

Kajal Aggarwal will be seen as Visually Impaired girl while Randeep hooda was a martial fighter. Both of them, paired up firstly. She made her full-fledged Bollywood debut with Ajay Devgan-Starrer Singham in 2011 and later she had done opposite with Akshay Kumar in Special 26 in 2013.

Do lafzon Ki Kahani Movie Performances : 

Randeep is a power house of mixer of Talents. He is a brilliant actor without the frills and fancies of Superstar. He had done wonderful performance as Marital arts fighter and impressed the audience and on other hand, Kajal Aggarwal will steal our hearts with her mesmerizing acting. She brilliantly  showcased expressions with his pretty eyes. The way she uttered dialouges are impressive. The director succeeded with his wonderful taking. Though it is based up on Korean film, he changes the some scenes according Bollywood style which doesn’t spoil spoil the original..

Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Movie Positives : 

  • Randeep Hooda’s Acting will be main asset.
  • Kajal Aggarwa’s performance
  • Locations and sets are impressive
  • Director’s taking
  • Visually songs are worth to watch

Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Movie Negatives : 

  • Dragged in First half
  • In Some Scenes, Sentiment is not at all worked out well and it seems to be annoying.
  • Climax Scene is main drawback to it
  • Editing

Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Movie Overall Rating : 3/5

Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Final Verdict: 

One Time Watchable Flick…!!!


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  1. UPPI-2 really mind blowing… UPENDRA made it again!! This Movie creates new record over thecurrent box office collections of Indian Cinemas, for sure.

  2. Wow mind blowing!!

  3. Extranadary direction.super movie

  4. Superrrrrr movie I ever seen what a making …..
    Super screenplay extraordinary dialogs and direction ……..
    No one can match upendra in did world

    1. Upendra sir is a Professor of all film makers in this world.

      1. Which came first, the problem or the soiotlun? Luckily it doesn’t matter.

  5. Chindi chitrana . .
    Uppi done it again . . #uppi2


    1. Beda kano le neenu dabba dubbing cinema madi kannada films maryade tegyo dabba herogalanne like madu own make madi maryade kapado intavaranna baidu besara madsbidu kannada cinemagiro 3kasu bele kuda halagli thuh ninna janmakke……

    2. just get lost…ninge movie matra alla yenu artha agolla antha ninna comment ninda gottagutte..dayavittu nimmantha kannada movie haters innu mundhe movies nododhu nillisbidu adhe namgella doddha upakara..

      1. Upendra avara movies na nodi artha madkollo capacity ilde iroru e bhoomi mele badukirode waste. Inthavarindle mamma Kannada industry improve agde irodu.
        Upendra avaru Namma Karnatakadallirodu mamma adrushta. He is a Legendary Director

  7. Realy wonderful movie, we want these type of movie.

    1. S bro wt a diffrent movie. Hatsup to uppi sir.really needs this kind of directors for india jai uppi jai jai uppi

      1. hello uppi modle helidare budhivantarig.matra artha agodu antha ning artha agilla ansuthe so no more negative comments

  8. Iey mahadevaswamy uppi helilveno kaddayavagi buddivantarige anta matte neenyako hode daddaaa…..

  9. Where their is a will
    Their is a way.
    Uppi u r direction supper
    In the confusion also fan liking you.

  10. Namma kannada news channels namma bhashe moviegaligintalu itara bhasheya moviegalanne hechhagi hogaluttare matte kannada movies elli vuddara agtave. Ade telugu herogalu pavan kalyan, alluarjun, ramcharan, ivru flop movie madidru idu thumb hit movie anta heltare. Collections surimalene agtide anta heltare nijakke alli budget loss nallirutte. Dayamadi namma bhasheyannu ulisi news galalli namma cinemagalanna atlist first heli matte itara bhashegalanna hogli pls

    1. Namma Uppi sir na nodi e prathiyobba film makers or directors movie making kalibeku, eshto Jana directors mamma uppi sir movies alliro concept na copy madi movie madkondu upparige reach agogidare. He is a No. 1 Director in world. No one can think like him. He is a master mind, genius

  11. Love you boss…
    Super film…

  12. Super movie uppi 2

  13. It’s a wonderful movie Uppi 2…Boss once again proved he s brilliant in making a cinema confusing the audiences…

  14. Hatss of sir i really appreciate u

  15. Gopal Krishna Bhat N

    Super movie must watch

  16. Manjunath Subramani

    There is 3 dimension in this story.. Uppi movie artha madkoloke onedu uppi fans agir beeku aathava moviena 3ru sari nodbeku.. That’s uppi.. His thinking is different… For all the movie u can give review its good or its bad… But for this movie even media & audience are confused to give review…
    Love you uppi boss

  17. Our uppi is like Christopher Nolan for Kannada industry. Keep up the good work 🙂

  18. Telugu upendras fans more ..neevu 1 2 3 steps lo edi following avutunavo telusuko ,,,,, movie is bad in you mind… movie lo one shot producer more money as for died crarector you

  19. Well it is a complicated movie… I liked it for his brilliance in direction and dialogues

  20. My bozZ iz always creator 1nc again he as proved the Master mind in uppi2 ….BozZ as gvn mix of mixture n gimix n d movie datz uppism Suuuuuuuuuuper uppi BozZ lov yu always

  21. Great movie… one who is intelligent enough to understand can enjoy this movie… this movie is masterpiece..

  22. Absolutely fantastic movie All Indians should watch this movie. Jai uppi Jai uppittu

  23. Upendra is Great , once again upendra has break the records , Really it’s a superb movie , hats off to upendra for his creativity in making such movie , every person should watch this movie n understand the concept of upendra .

  24. actually good movie … saving a big property of a helpless NRI lady by underworld don,, corrupt police.. localites … by a neenu (naanu in upendra 1) songs are pretty nice to see.. but not to listen.. confusion is in higher side … which makes feel irritated

  25. Really good movie
    Uppi is a very good
    Talented nice director

  26. Upendra is god of cine industry im great fan from telugu
    Upendra 2(uppi 2) is very nice screanlay and upendra diolouges are major benfit to this movie

  27. Worst film i m not ever seen in my life

  28. Becz of this type of films only kannada industry is like dis….

  29. he is commenting on every d best actor in the song… i really he s the only one worst hero ,,, director..everything dats y still 40s 50s peoples dont like dis director

  30. plz i request kannada film industry to stop all this type of kannada films

  31. all above good comments peoples are upendra fans ( upenda chelas!!!) astay

  32. hello guys plz go n watch bhaubali ,,bhajarangi bhaijann film den u guys know ..what is film ,,, what is direction… what is film making,,what is story ,,,,, Addan bettu Nanu nennu avanu avalu ,,,,,it is not UPPI2…. I really say Its uppi thuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…thuuuuuuu

    1. u fool nothing is there in baahubali only graphicssssssssss no story and first of all no ending in that movie y do you need to watch part 2 of the baahubali just to watch the graphiccssss again ,…………dont ever talk about kannada industry you are unfit to stay not only in karnataka even in india go to pakistan and die…..

  33. Ultimate movie. I suggest people to watch movie not only for entertainment… You will get to know the real concept behind it. At the beginning I dint like the movie coz I dint get it I mean I dint understand neither after watching 2nd time wow awesome got the clarity uppi is God of directors no one can match his thinking… #Uppi2

  34. Nimgella yen thagond hodibekro? Boss yochne maadbedi andrunu, picture mugudmelu adrabagge ne yochista illi discussion maadthidira.. Hogro hogro… kelsa nod hogro 😉

  35. Actually UPPI 2 nalliruva kathe, adu katheyalla. Sumaaru holikegalinda koodida ondu yele.
    Yella bitta NAANU vannu sada kaaduttiruva arshad vargagalaada KAAMAm KRODHA, MOHA, MADHA, MASTHRA gala niranthara kaata irthadhe…. mattu aa yella bhaavanegalu namma mele niranthara attack kooda maadtha irthave….

    Avannelaa bittu Bootha Bhavishya da yochaneyillade, athava yochane maadade prasthuta dalli maatra badukuva NEENU vige kooda aa kaata thappiddalla…

    Neenuvina badhukige LAKSHMI yaagi baruva Hudugi Konege Avale KHUSHI yu aagthaale…

    ee PAST , FUTURE yemba kaalana aatadalli Yochane maadade Present nalli maatra badukuvudakke NAANU vige WILL power na avashyakathe irthade…

    KHUSHI than thaane sigthade…

    idu UPPI 2 saaraamsha.

  36. Hello Nagbhushan… Story yella helbardu.. Nodbit artha madkondre ne iradu maja… Adrallu Uppi 2..

  37. uppi2 Awesome movie…

  38. uppi2 Awesome movie…proud of uppi dada

  39. uppi 2 super but ??????

  40. Hello “SRI” neenu nijvaglu waste kano neenu heltaidya yelru comment madiroru upendra chela anta nan makla neevella adakke kanro kannada industryna halu madtairodu, yeno bahubali adrali endinge illa nanu nodideeni adanna yenu illa adralli bari graphicsssss ondu story illa yenilla only copying other scenes and doing movies in telugu avru kooda ondalla ond reetili remake madtaiddare matte, avru promotion maadi trailer bittu chennagi duddu karchu maadi duddu loss agidrunu kooda progit nalli ide antare adre namma kannada industry hangalla uppi 2 collection chennagtairoddanna nodi ninge hotte uriiiitaide alva, magne dont talk about kannada industry…. u fooooooooooooolllllllllllll adu alde 40s and 50s yaru namma uppi movies nodolla anta heltaidya bari nimmaneli matra nodalla anta helu. He has fans all over world u foooollllllll you are unfit to stay in karnataka go and die in pakistan or syria,………

  41. Real star’s real talent…………suuuper uppi Bro..
    We need like these movies ever &ever… still we are expecting something different from your end in future also.

  42. ಉಪ್ಪಿ ಗಿಂತಾ ರುಚಿ ಬೇರೆ ಇಲ್ಲ ….

    1. I was really confused, and this answered all my quniostes.

  43. Uppi 2 will rock 100 Crores

  44. Awesome movie.. uppi rocks.

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